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Are Sex Robots In Our Near Future?: America enters the 21st Century and a sexual brave new world, in reference to the past literary classic. I am old enough to remember when the best a horny teenager could hope for was to stumble upon a soggy Playboy under a rock in the woods.

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Niche Groups In America Through Time: The Beatniks, Questioning the Core Values of Polite Society, 1945-1965

In post World War 2 America a new social group emerged in urban environments such as Greenwich Village in New York City and San Francisco called the beatniks. Some people call the beatniks the precursors of the hippie generation that sprung up in America in the mid to late sixties. There is some connection between the two social movements, but there were key differences as well which I shall elaborate on.

The beatniks took inspiration from the thoughts and ideals of writers such as Alan Ginsberg and William Burroughs among others. Basically this literary clique stood in firm opposition to the conformist values of polite society such as working nine to five Monday through Friday, maintaining certain respectable material standards and conforming to the ethos of Christianity and Judaism, especially in regard to sexual expectations. The beatniks kind of ascribed to a philosophy of life having meaning through the very essence of experiencing, all things, without any conventional goal necessary.

This philosophy caused many of them to experiment with drug usage, unconventional sexual practices, alternative living styles and religions and music and entertainment that was outside what was conventionally fashionable. They had an affinity for jazz music and writing and poetry that celebrated raw unfiltered emotion. Some of these values were later adopted by the hippie movement of the late sixties.

However there were some notable differences. As much as the beatniks sort of took a dim view of civilization, they were very much for the most part urbanites who felt out of place in a rural setting. The hippie movement had a much more romantic back to the earth kind of idealism. Additionally, and this may bring many down votes from aging ex hippie baby boomers, the hippie movement was very much rooted to opposition of The Vietnam War. I kind of feel like many, not all, but many late sixties hippies sort of just adopted the lifestyle as a fashion statement really and as a way guys could get “chicks” who digged long hair and such. I kind of wonder if absent the Vietnam War, and long hair being in vogue and thought sexy, if many would have been more than happy with their crew cuts and conservative society trappings. In many ways I guess they sort of remind me of the grunge kids of the nineties in that respect. This is my personal opinion of course. I also think this is why the beatniks never became in any way as numerous as the hippies.

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Every Parent’s Nightmare: Could That Sweet, Innocent Child Feeding the Ducks be the Psychopath of Tomorrow?

Contrary to what the older generations might try to say there never has been an innocent generation. However in the late sixties and early seventies many parents lamented that their control and influence over their kids seemed to be less than in earlier times and that outside influences were causing a feeling of powerlessness.