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The Paul Lynde Show Opening

The Paul Lynde Show intro. Yeah, no doubt about it, I need to make a separate website about the early 70s as I think those years comprise like 50 percent of my posts😁. I just like how there was a gentleness still in society while at same time we were not so conformist and rigid as in the fifties.
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Why I Have A Special Fondness for the Early Seventies

Why I Have A Special Fondness for the Early 70’s

I have a particular fondness for the early 70’s. I was a toddler then, so it is really before my time. So it is not due to any personal nostalgia. I liked how there was still a spirit of idealism in society while we had matured as a nation, so to speak. The sort of stiff WASP “Father Knows Best” and suffocating Conformity of American society pushed in the fifties was seen for the very unrealistic sham it was. However, there was still a, how shall I put it, a certain kind of innocent idealism present in society. I don’t know if I can quite put it into words frankly. There was still a gentleness of sorts in society. Some might call this Pollyanna, but it is a Pollyanna I miss. My early seventies subjective bias surely comes through by the number of posts I have of that period.