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Faded Celebrity Endorsement Fad of the Early 2000’s

Around 2005 there began to be seen a plethora of former celebrities aka Marie Osmond, Valerie Bertinelli, Suzanne Somers lending their endorsements to fat pills, exercise equipment, weight loss organizations.  It became such a marketing cliche that it was parodied in This Little Britain sketch
Comedy, Social Movements

Mary’s Job Interview: Women Entered the Job Market In Large Numbers During the 1970s

I go to a men’s barbershop chain that offers an alcoholic drink before they cut your hair. As a joke, I asked for a Brandy Alexander. I got the same reaction as Mary.

Today there are more female students at medical colleges to train doctors than there are male students. I don’t think many young women of today realize how groundbreaking it was considered for even an old young person like 30 year old Mary Richard’s to go off and live on her own with her own career.


Sorry Michael, We Beat You to It.

A slightly different post than my usual.  I post as a snapshot of culture at a certain point in time.  Kiddie shows were quite a bit different then.  HR Pufnstuff premiered in the fall of 69.  The star of Oliver, Jack Wild, was given a contract of a million dollars to do the first season of the show.  It may have only had one.  I don’t think it needs to be said that was considered an unimaginable sum to be in a kiddie show then. He plays a kid in the show, but is already seventeen here.   I suppose Michael Jackson is not the originator of the moon walk.