Bo Obama Steals a Treat

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The Paul Lynde Show Opening

The Paul Lynde Show intro. Yeah, no doubt about it, I need to make a separate website about the early 70s as I think those years comprise like 50 percent of my posts😁. I just like how there was a gentleness still in society while at same time we were not so conformist and rigid as in the fifties.
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The Honeymooners: Alice and the Blonde, 1956 Comedy

The new starlets of Marilyn Monroe and other big busomed Hollywood female stars brought a new pressure to 1950s women. They know have this creeping expectations to clean with the floors sparkling while in sexy day wear waiting for the arrival of their husbands arrival home from work. It was this physical and social pressure to play all the roles just right that caused much mental burnout among many fifties housewives.